I’m not sure which is worse, Bexar Co. Sheriff Javier Salazar bearding the Democrats’ embarassment over the immigrant flights…

…or the last time he and his department were in the national news—when people were checking themselves out of the county jail like it was a Doubletree.

I get that someone had to carry the ball here, but, as President Soul-of-the-Nation would say, “C’mon man!”

Being a regular guy, the sheriff expressed a common lament: there sure is some slow service at restaurants these days.

So, JavSal thinks SA restaurants should hire the illegal immigrants to refill sweet tea and hustle out those jalapeno poppers. Which is definitely interesting advice coming from law enforcement.  He covered his bases by saying there should be a “program”, which means “go around the law”.

Republicans are “making pawns” out of the illegal immigrants.

Democrats are making waiters out of them.

And I was only gone one day.

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