‘I think I am going into labor’: Bus driver pulls over to help pregnant woman

Chalabala/iStock/Thinkstock(MILWAUKEE) — A bus driver in Milwaukee pulled over to help a woman who appeared to be in labor on Christmas Eve.

Tayetta Currin was driving her bus route in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, which borders Milwaukee, when she noticed a woman walking toward the street who looked like she needed help, the Milwaukee County Transit System told ABC News.

Currin pulled over the vehicle to check on the woman, according to the transit system.

Video shows the woman saying, “I think I am going into labor.”

Currin, along with the help of passengers riding the bus, is seen in the video helping the woman onto the bus.

Being a mother herself, Currin was sensitive to what this woman was going through, said the MCTS.

The woman told Currin that she was seven months pregnant.

Currin and the bus passengers stayed alongside the woman until an ambulance arrived that took her to a local hospital.

MCTS said that it didn’t get the woman’s name and they are unsure if she gave birth, but it is hoping to identify the woman that was helped.

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