For the record, I wasn’t at the Capitol January 6th because I was working, and because I’ve read the damn Constitution.

But, if J6 is still such a big “domestic terrorism” concern for people like Nancy Pelosi, why wouldn’t there be ironclad security around her Pacific Heights home, where a illegal Canadian freakazoid allegedly attacked her husband?

I mean, if the J6ers went to the trouble to find her Capitol office and pose with their feet up on her desk, imagine what will happen when they find out Pacific Heights is a open house? If she and her ilk actually believed their own rhetoric about “insurrection”, you wouldn’t be able to walk down her street, much less into her house. Count on it.

The whole Hammergate thing couldn’t come close to happening, if they believed their own narrative, which they don’t.

One way you can always tell when they’re lying is by the way their actions don’t align with their words. Barack Obama buying beachfront vacation property suggests he’s not too worried about the oceans rising. John Kerry strapping himself into a private jet every single day tells you what he thinks of carbon footprints. (By the way, I was in Boston when Kerry was the Democratic nominee in 2004. You couldn’t go near Louisburg Square, where his Boston mansion is, unless you could prove you lived on the street, or had verifiable business with someone there).

Of course, the Pelosi home DOES have security. Probably lots of it, and the best money can buy. I’d bet on it.

So, where was it? Or why was it turned off?

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