When I was growing up, my old home state had an catchy ad jingle for economic development: “Make It In Massachusetts!”

Last week, while visiting family, I can tell you what they weren’t making much of: a case or much enthusiasm for impeachment.

My unscientific study consisted of scanning local talk radio in the car, and watching a couple of TV stations’s 5 and 6 o’clock news (since they come on after “Judge Judy”, my mom never misses them).

The hot topic in Massachusetts last week was what their popular, two-term Republican governor, Charlie Baker, is doing about vaping.

There were a couple of days when a drive-by shooting in the sleepy hamlet of Canton dominated the headlines.

The Patriots needed receivers, everyone agreed. Boston College needed to fire Frank Addazio, not everyone agreed. The Bruins look like  Cup contenders again.

And there’s massive corruption at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Heck, that story’s older than I am.

But here’s my point: if you have lost the enthusiasm of the most liberal voters in the country, you’re in bad shape.

Doing a San Antonio-based talk show, I’ve been operating on the idea that impeachment is a news story among others. Our Texas listeners want to know the basic developments, but aren’t obsessed.

Not much of an obsession up north either.

If impeachment isn’t “making it in Massachusetts”, it’s probably not making it anywhere else.

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