If Your Kid Is Doing This At School, Bring Them Home

CNBC reports on a Federal Reserve analysis of college majors.

The majors with the lowest earning potential are: theology, consumer science, social service, performing arts and leisure/hospitality.

In contrast, the majors with the highest earning potential are all STEM-related (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math), with chemical engineers at the top.

The pay disparity actually increases when you factor in five or more years of experience in the field.

Using census data, the study looked at college graduates 22-30 with bachelors degrees and 30-45-year-olds with bachelors or higher degrees.

Money is not everything in life, but if you’re borrowing to get a degree, it makes sense to aim for earnings that will allow you to pay it off.

It’s not like politicians are just going to wipe out your student debts of a sudden or something…

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