Every time I hear that Trump’s done or said something “racist”, I’m always curious to see what the spin is.

The people who claim he “hates” them seem to do more hating than anyone else, and this is at work today with the “Squad” versus the President’s tweets.

Can we just say this? There is a small fraction of people in this country, and I think Omar/Cortez/Tlaib/Pressley are in it, for whom America is irredeemable.

The founding, the principles of our Constitution, the extraordinary freedom of the individual, the signal achievements of these free people over 240 years—they hate it all.

No, they will say, they are trying to “improve” the country. But you don’t improve America by trying to import failed political, social and economic systems from other countries, be they your old homeland or someone else’s.

We are not socialist, communist or totalitarian. We are exceptional to every other human-devised system of government. But some people don’t accept that, just as some immigrants don’t assimilate to that. They want to come here, cherry-pick the freedoms they need or want, benefit from the economic generosity of our people, and trash the rest of it.

And if that’s how you feel—that the country was founded on racism and greed, then you don’t want to “fix” America. Truth is, America has “fixed” more here at home and around the world than any other nation in history. The founding, the Constitution, assimilation—they were the keys to doing it.

People like the “Squad” want to end all that. America was never great, never exceptional, never deserved its reputation, the one that drew immigrants here in the 19th and 20th centuries. We’re oppressors, we stole, we’re unjust. They are saying it everyday.

I, too, have been told to “go back where I came from”. In my case, it’s something callers or emailers blurt out because they can’t argue facts or logic, and it’s just whiny.

On the other hand, maybe if you are in that small percentage of people who find America irredeemable, I’d say this: you are not prisoners. If there is a society or system somewhere in the world that embodies what you claim to want, and knowing that 80% of Americans will never agree with you, why not go there?

It may or may not be where you are from. But you would (or so it seems) be happier there. You have options. You don’t go to Florida for skiing. Or to North Dakota for surfing. This is not the nation for sharia law, or one-world, borderless government. Not the place for communism or socialism.

Why put yourself through such apparent misery?

I just want to see you happy. The rest of us don’t have to suffer your hatred for that to happen.

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