Riccardi: I’m in awe of the Richards


Could you imagine going to watch a marathon and losing your son, being maimed and bloodied, and…going back three years later to cheer on those running.

Meet the Richards family, who will be among many spectators in 2016 whose lives changed at the 2013 race. Watching from heaven will be their forever 8-year old son, Martin.

Naturally, countless people are inspired, and have reached out to support them, and boost their Martin Richards Foundation well past its $500K fundraising goal. The money will build a new park for kids.

Anyone interested in helping fund the park can text the word “MARTIN” to 91999 or visit the Martin Richard Foundation’s website.

Says the dad: “While we don’t feel like heroes, they honored our family as heroes,” said Bill. “In many ways we feel the true heroes are the folks that helped out that day back in 2013″.

The Richards are heroes to me, though. They are challenging us as parents and citizens, to be better. Race on.



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