I’m Just Doing A Little Thanks-giving

Making a list of things one is thankful for always runs the risk of turning into one of those wacky Christmas card newsletters some people write.

No one I know, of course.

So, here’s some of my thanks-giving:

When I think of this year, the first thing I am thankful for is that my daughter is healthy and happy.

If you’re a parent, the list can stop right there, can’t it?

I’m thankful for health in general. This year taught me not to take it for granted.

I’m thankful to be an American. While we are the world-champs at complaining about our problems, there’s no other nation with as much potential and promise. And freedom. Still.

Look at the stuff we debate and contest. You have to know how much of that would be “settled, and please shut up” most other places.

If this was the “worst election in our history,” we’re lapping the world in the whole elections thing, and that’s a fact.

I’m thankful for the longevity that seems to run in my family, because it gave me more time with parents and grandparents than most people get. I also hope it skips a generation, because the 86-year-old version of me is frightening.

I’m thankful that the late, great Pat Rodgers, who passed this week, hired me away from the frozen tundra and encouraged me to come to San Antonio. I love it here. Further proof that Pat was a guardian angel, making sure the Big Plan worked out. I can take no credit, this place found me, and I was just smart enough to realize I’d found home.

I’m thankful for parents, teachers and librarians sprinkled throughout my childhood, who encouraged me to be a reader. Books are my treasure. Best education I ever had came after my “education” was over. Let’s give every child this chance, even if not every one of them will take it.

I’m thankful for having owned the best chocolate Lab to ever come out of the dog factory, for 15 years.

I’m thankful for 32 years in a career I’d dreamed of. It could’ve been half that, and I’d still have thought I won the Powerball.

And now, on the longest stop of the 32 years, KTSA, 17 years and counting, I work for and with some of the best people ever to be found in our profession. Honest. You can’t even believe what gems they are. Elaine, Don, Greg, Lance, Coreena, Vic, Mando, Brenda, Kareem, Chris, Liz, Bill, other Don, Frank and the whole shooting match.

I’m thankful–-good Lord, this is way longer than I’d planned. Sorry.

I’m thankful for friends who put up with me being a terrible friend. Never available, bad about calling back, and yet there are those few that have been better to me than I deserve. Love you even if it doesn’t always show.

I’m thankful that I know Jesus Christ loves me and wants to be my friend. Spread the word, because not everyone realizes this friendship can be theirs, too.

I’m thankful.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving, and lots of Thanks-giving too.





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