I’m Not Asking for Cash, But I Am Asking For a Change

It’s good when people talk.

If I didn’t think so, I’d be in a different line of work.

Whatever else happens each day, when I sign off at 12:58:50 P.M. CST, I know two things: some people had companionship while they drove, worked or whatever. And a few people even got to vent.

Lately, though, I’m wondering about the online bickering, battling and belittling on our Facebook discussions. Since the JR Poll and other topics are on my Jack Riccardi FB page, and the 550 KTSA FB page, people keep on keepin’ on all day, all night. I don’t always follow it.

When I do, I see you: good people, people who are kind to children and seniors, men who hold doors and help fix flats, ladies who are caring professionals and moms.

Going at it like cats and dogs.

With rabies.

Now, it’s a free country.

But if you’re on my page and my topic, then I have something to say. Here it is:

You’re better than this. Keep to the actual political differences. Don’t be an jackass on the Internet unless that’s who you are in real life, and I don’t think you are.

Don’t start slugging a stranger, just because of their vote or their party. If your comment doesn’t pass the “say it to them in person, out loud” test, then don’t type it.

Consider for a moment: everyone you meet is struggling with something, no matter how much they cover it up. Every human being has a struggle, and not necessarily the one you would guess. That guy with the new car? He may be more broke than you are. That glowing, healthy woman at the gym. May be awaiting some worrisome test results from the lab.

How do you know? You don’t know. 

We may not be able to persuade others to think like us, but we don’t need to add to their burden either. Your little verbal judo chop might be the last thing they need today.

I don’t mean to preach, and I know many of you will take offense. Attack me all you want. This is about how you address yourself to other people on our online threads, from now on. You can go on wishing me cancer. I’m fair game. Strangers on my social media are not.

If you’re miserable and spreading it to others, do it on your own page.







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