Immigrant Release Frustrates Cuellar

Congressman Henry Cuellar is not happy after a number of Central American immigrants who entered the country illegally were released in Laredo by a Judge–with notices to appear in court.

“It’s something that I disagree with the Obama Administration” the Congressman told KTSA News of the release order.

“They’re allowing too many people to come in and be released on their own recognizance (with) a notice to appear” Cuellar said.

The frustrated Congressman said this policy has been the norm in the Laredo area.

“They’ll let out hundreds of people–they’ll put them in a bus–and they can go anywhere in the United States” Cuellar said, adding “Then they wait two, three, four years before they have a hearing.”

The Congressman calls that unfair to taxpayers, and said the approach to the situation needs to be changed.



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