In Other News, Luby’s Is Still Open

I saw where Luby’s is apologizing for a promotion—and that by itself was news to me, since I had thought they were almost gone.

Apparently, they were promoting a ham dinner special and sent out on social media: “Luby’s Hamber-Alert! Ham dinners at Luby’s!”

Wasn’t there always ham at Luby’s?

And also, who’s getting “employee of the month” for tying in Amber alerts, for missing children, with ham? I mean, whatever happened to LuAnn? Everyone liked her platter, if I’m allowed to say that.

They then sent out mea culpas: “We believe in owning our mistakes…we really do apologize for the insensitive language in the recent promotion…”

In stories like these, I often wonder if the “error” is planned, so that the real “promotion” is the media attention for the apology. Like, oooh, look how EDGY they are!

If so, Luby’s, you’re welcome.

Do you still have Jello? Maybe you could tie that into a tornado warning.

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