In The Interest of Beer Disclosure

Turns out I may be a beer peasant compared to some of our callers yesterday.

We got into the actual, and possible lasting, damage Bud Light’s parent company A-B/Inbev has done to itself with the Dylan Mulvaney gambit.

Bud Light is the number one beer by market share, but its share has been slipping a little of late.

Callers thought that was because people prefer “craft brews”, and yes, they can be good. But I don’t think they even come close in sales or ubiquity to the old standby beers like Bud Light, Coors, etc., etc.

And, locally, the Shiners, Lone Stars and Alamo varieties, of course.

When I go out, I still see the big brands, unless I am at a place that brews its own or is tied up with craft brewers. And, again, I have tried and enjoyed some of those. Not a connoisseur  by any means, but open-minded. Drink what you like. Or drink what’s available. Or don’t drink. All good with me.

Meantime, and report that the parent company’s top execs were “blindsided” by the Dylan ad campaign and have “paused” all such endeavors until they can be vetted in the future.

Might be true—or might be cover-your-butt. Clearly, if the promotion had been well received, we wouldn’t hear about “vetting”. “Success has a thousand fathers, failure is an orphan,” John F. Kennedy liked to say.

Now, there’s even a brouhaha (or brew?) over Jack Daniels, for their “small towns, big pride” campaign which ties into Pride Month and drag queens. Newsweek quotes drag queens lavishing praise on Jack Daniels for “getting” drag culture. I wonder if there are some more execs claiming to be “blindsided”?

And in the interest of full beer disclosure, here’s my current shelf: Modelo Negra, Yuengling Flight (both highly recommended).  Other times, you would find Shiner Bock or Blond, Blue Moon, Coors Light and maybe something others, but rarely.

Yes, that’s Vernor’s ginger soda, kind of like ginger ale, sitting there too.

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