Informant misleads Bexar County deputies in search for missing man

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA NEWS) – Cadaver dogs and excavation equipment have moved out of an East Side neighborhood where deputies had been searching for a missing man.  Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar says an informant intentionally misled them to the property in the 300 block of Holmgreen Road where they had been digging for the body of Curtis Perry since Tuesday.

“Our investigators that were on the scene for the past couple of days conducting the search found some inconsistencies with the information they were given,” said Salazar. “We kept noticing there were roots present where they were digging, and the presence of roots tells me that this area hasn’t been disturbed.”

The sheriff says activity outside the home in the 300 block of Holmgreen came to a halt Wednesday after the informant admitted providing false information.   The informant remains behind bars on unrelated charges, but Salazar says the informant is a suspect in Perry’s disappearance.  Other suspects in the case are jailed in other counties.

“These folks have zero regard for human life, so while it’s very disappointing for me to be able to say that I believe Mr. Perry is no longer living, I can assure the family and the public that we’re not going to stop until we find him,” Salazar said.

Perry was last seen July 27 on South Foster Road.   Surveillance video from a nearby home shows the 38-year-old being chased by five young men before he disappears from camera view.  The sheriff believes Perry was killed.

While deputies didn’t find his body this week, Salazar says deputies found stolen motorcycles, weapons and a “narcotics enterprise” when they raided the home in the 300 block of Holmgreen Tuesday.

“We found out that location was an ongoing nuisance to the neighborhood.  We believe that we’ve at least for some time now,  shut that operation down for that neighborhood,” said the Sheriff.

He’s considering asking the FBI for help as the search continues for Perry.




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