Investigating Biden. Alcohol Sales Down. Religious Privilege – 3.24

MVC&R are not coming for your guns, and Vice President Harris says neither are they. A CNN anchor wants gun shop owners to ask customers if they hear voices, while another tears up while reporting on the Boulder shooting. Mexico’s President blames President Biden for the current border crisis, saying, “Expectations were created.” Americans were wildly misinformed when it came to COVID, and a lot of people don’t want to go out, even after getting vaccinated. An Arizona mayor has declared a state of emergency due to the swarms of migrants, Senator Tammy Duckworth will only vote for Biden nominees who are “racial minorities.” Kamala Harris will be doing an event with Bill Clinton about Women Empowerment, and the reasoning behind the end of America’s crime decline. A Florida missing that had been missing since March 3rd is found in a storm drain, and 92% of us have at least one coworker who annoys us.