Is Your Family Safe?

On Monday’s show we reported on the extremely violent weekend in Chicago. At least 11 people – ages 11 to 63 – were killed and approximately 70 were shot.

The killing continued yesterday with the murders of 2 more, and a 31 year-old woman in critical with a gun shot wound to the head.

So far there have been zero arrests. Police report that gang-bangers and other criminals don’t even run away anymore when they pop someone. They either calmly walk away or drive away slowly. They know they will never pay the price.

How did Chicago become such a dangerous place?

For decades Chicago had a complete handgun ban, and it was a complete failure. Crime involving guns soared.

The city changed the law in 2010 to allow certain people under certain conditions for certain reasons who pay certain “fees” to own a handgun. Then, in order to carry, you have to pay more money and jump through even more hoops.

As a result, very few law-abiding citizens can afford to own a gun.

Chicago is a tragic example of what happens when politicians pander to a loudmouth constituency, and restrict law-abiding citizen’s ability to own and carry guns.

It’s simple – when you prohibit the good guys and gals from having guns you will have criminals killing innocent people with impunity. Law-abiding people are helpless – like fish in a barrel.

I spoke with gun and 2nd Amendment expert AWR Hawkins about this. You can hear the interview here.

Bottom line: strict gun laws lead to more gun crime because only law-abiding people follow the law. Criminals have guns, and they aren’t afraid to use them.



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