It Doesn’t Add Up

Something doesn’t add up.

Are we the country that FBI Director Christopher Wray described in congressional testimony this week?

Questioned about the “threat matrix”, he said “all the red lights are blinking” and that the various kinds of national security issues the Bureau monitors are at or near “all-time highs”.

“I’ve never seen a time like it”.


Are we a country with 2 million unaccounted-for across the southern border?

A country hiding illegal immigrants in secret holding centers. like the one recently outed at San Antonio International Airport?

And how many more of those across the state, and nation? How many Colony Ridge subdivisions? How much “expedited processing” of young Chinese men traveling alone, with no plausible explanation as to their quantity, simultaneity, or purpose?

Wray is–how shall I put this?–credibility-challenged. But if the lights are blinking, why are the doors, windows and backyard gates wide open?

Are we scaring people, AND also lying to them?

What kind of a country, or previous version of ours, would talk about unprecedented dangers from without, but change nothing? Always before, a heightened sense of threat, or evidence of imminent attack, was met with tangible, visible–sometimes even theatrical—security crackdowns.

When you look at it all together, it doesn’t add up.

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