The “personal health crisis” suddenly afflicting Mississippi State head football coach Mike Leach is said to be so serious that “he will need a miracle”, says one report.

If so, I hope and pray that he and his family get that miracle.

It’s already a miracle that Mike Leach is a major program coach, given his penchant for politically-incorrect comments through the years. While his on-the-field offense is dubbed the “Air Raid”, he’s kind of an air raid at the microphone, too.

His pre-and post-game interviews and pressers include ranking the best and worst candies, the danger of weddings “making women crazy” and imagining (when he was at Wazzou), which mascots could destroy which other mascots. “No one has an answer for the Sun Devil”.

And the REAL reason he drinks coffee.

Imagine John Madden with some Dave Chappelle, and you begin to get it.

Plus, on a personal note for SA, the 2018 Alamo Bowl between his Washington State Cougars and the Iowa State Cyclones (featuring a QB named Brock Purdy) was one of the best, most entertaining games the ‘Dome has ever seen.

If you agree that we need a world with more plain-speakers, with more of sense of humor, then we need Mike Leach.

Hoping for another miracle.

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