…to carry on the way some in the media are today about Liz Cheney.

Talk about your PDA!

For the first time ever, Manhattan-based mainstream media types have found someone desirable from Wyoming.

And found a Cheney they hoped wouldn’t just keel over dead.

Old and broken: her dad’s a Frankenstein with a bad ticker, war criminal and enabler of the guy who was “worse than Hitler” 2001-09 edition.

New hotness: that guy’s daughter is a rock star!

Sorry, but that’s the magic of love.

After years of being just another Washington bottle-blonde, she’s Abraham Lincoln for our times (lighter beard, I’d say, but I haven’t been up-close).

“Now the important work begins,” she announced in GOP primary defeat last night. So, apparently, representing the people of Wyoming in the US House was non-important work. Must’ve seemed that way to the voters, too, since they creamed her 2-1 with a non-blonde lady named Harriet Hageman.

I’m so old, I remember when MSM types like Dan Rather lied their asses off to defeat Liz’s dad and his running-mate, GWB. Remember the forged documents from “Kenneth, What is the Frequency” Dan? Instead of ending Bush-Cheney ’04, it ended Rather’s ratings-challenged run at the CBS Evening News. He inherited the #1 newscast in America, and just had to not screw it up. Couldn’t do it.

Now, the Al Gore of TV news is mourning La Liz’s defeat, but gushing over how “Liz Cheney speaks with force about democracy. It is inspirational!”

It’s not just Rather. From Keith Olberman to whoever is still on CNN, the love for Liz is poetic, passionate and a little pornographic at times. Maybe Adam Kinzinger should go platinum too, because blonde RINOs have more fun.

I’m not sure what’s more sad and pathetic at this point: the political wet-dream fantasy of Cheney capturing the presidency in 2024…or the greater likelihood that the leftists and MSM will toss her like a paper cup when they’re done with her.

As Wyoming voters just did.

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