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It’s a sales tax holiday weekend for energy-efficient and water-efficient products

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – If you’re planning to buy plants or a drip-irrigation hose this weekend, you won’t have to pay sales taxes.

It’s a sales tax holiday for water-efficient and water-conserving products.

“A few of the things that are included — all plants, trees, grasses, rain barrels, mulch and compost,” said Bob Webster, KTSA’s Weekend Gardening Show Host.

The tax-free weekend begins Saturday and continues through Monday, Memorial Day.

“Drip-irrigation or soaker hoses and anything that helps to conserve water will be totally tax free this weekend,” said Webster.

Other tax-free items this weekend including products that are used or planted for conserving or retaining groundwater, recharging water tables, or decreasing ambient air temperature to limit water evaporation.  You can take advantage of the tax-free holiday at the Festival of Flowers from 9 to 5 Saturday at the Austin Highway Event Center.

This is also a sales tax holiday weekend for energy-efficient products.   You can buy, rent or lease ENERGY STAR-labeled items tax free.  That includes air conditioners ($6,000 or less), refrigerators ($2,000 or less), clothes washers, dishwashers, ceiling fans and more.

Visit the State Comptroller’s website to get a complete list of items that are tax free this weekend. The site also contains specific information for contractors and landscapers.


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