Sean Rima: It’s All About the “Harriets”!

An image of the Harriet Tubman Memorial in Cambridge, MD.


So Harriet Tubman gets to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. In the age of Obama, doesn’t it feel like they’re just trying to make white people feel bad? They pick an abolitionist to rub in the face of all those rich white honkies about how much they suck. This is such a huge part of the culture of guilt going on right now.

As long as I can spend $20, I don’t care who’s on my money. Isn’t the bigger concern whether we are going to have an economy in the next 10 years? No one really asks who is on the money, as long as someone takes the money¬†over the counter. How about instead of politicizing who’s on the $20 bill we start fixing this economy and get people back to work?

What a load of crap.




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