Ho ho ho, Merr—I mean, “Happy Winter Holiday” from the 2020 Democrats!

You wouldn’t know it by the calendar or the temp, but it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Don’t write another check until you hear what will soon be free for us all, God bless us everyone!

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who can be her own minority running mate, has cooked up “gay reparations”. She wants to give away $50M in taxes some same-sex couples paid before the tax laws allowed for joint returns. I wonder if I can get reparations for the Trump tax cuts that weren’t available to me during the Obama years.

Vermont’s lovable socialist millionaire, Bernie Sanders, wants to out-do his rivals by forgiving the entire $1.8T in total student loan debt. Plus, all tuition at all public colleges and trade schools would be free. This is what it will cost us now that Bernie’s slipping into third place. Please support him, because I don’t know if we can afford his poll numbers to go any lower.

By the way, Warren and Julian only wanted to cancel “most” student debt, so they clearly don’t care about us like Sanders.

In a 24 candidate field, with crowded debate stages and scarce airtime, the one thing these pols think you will remember is a promise of free stuff.

It goes to show how far we’ve come in the age of victimhood, that no one pays lip service to things like “opportunity” and “liberty”. Whether they ever meant it or not, they used to say it.

We used to believe in ourselves, and we rewarded presidential candidates who said they did too, like Kennedy and Reagan, while rejecting those who promoted decline and doubt. Now, increasingly, what we hear from our politicians, mostly but not all Democrats, is free health care, free tuition, erasure of debt, universal basic income—all because we are victims, you didn’t build that, and only the government can sustain us.

It’s a weird relationship when we tell pollsters we no longer trust Congress, but if one of them runs for President and promises pie-in-the-sky freebies—THAT we believe.



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