IvyRon give the S.A. Mayor’s Race An Extended Run(off)

“They’re both good people,” said a former mayor Saturday night.

Speaking of IvyRon, the current, and maybe next, mayors of San Antonio.

It was Henry Cisneros, doing in-studio analysis on KENS-TV, referring to the runoff choice of Mayor Ivy Taylor and Councilman Ron Nirenberg, after they finished 1-2 in the crowded mayor’s field. June 10th will resolve their race, as well as runoffs in council districts 1, 2, 8, 9 and 10.

So, yes, they seem to be good people. But was the former mayor and HUD secretary damning them with faint praise?

I mean, on issue after issue, IvyRon are not exactly setting the world on fire.

When I asked them this week about the stunning property appraisals many of us received, which are now becoming an annual agony (like having to open the playoffs with the Grizzlies), Nirenberg said he’d pressure Austin to do something about property tax valuations. The mayor said she’d “speak with” the appraisal board.


Look, if “speaking” with the aptly-acronymed “B.A.D.” helped, I think many of us have “spoken” with them at great length already. You’d be better off pleading your case for over-valuation to your dog. He wouldn’t lower the number either, but at least he might whimper in sympathy. Or lick you.

In fairness, the most correct answer to the appraisal question would be to acknowledge that the mayor of San Antonio has very little-to-no direct power over it.

(Which, if you’re ever taking a multiple-choice quiz about the mayor’s job in these parts, is a good guess for any question.)

The silver lining is that IvyRon are reality-based pols. Neither Taylor nor Nirenberg is making big, crazy promises to do stuff they could never do, and would never do, anyway.

That guy finished third and out of the running.

This time.




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