Sunday’s “Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show” had more buns than a Whataburger storeroom.

If I’m going to see ladies’ buns, those of singers Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are nice.

You could do worse. A lot worse. In the bun department.

And no, I’m not personally scandalized or offended. Buns are everywhere. Like opinions, we all have ’em.

Just a question, though: If we are trying to empower women, not objectify them (right??), what’s the message when two totally successful entertainers do this? I mean, a stripper pole?!

It was all hot-crotch buns, all the time. Who choreographed this, Harvey Weinstein?

Now, I can hear the other side of this: they were “showing off their power”, and they’re “proud of their bodies”, and they’re “Latinas in control”. No, really, those are actual quotes from this morning’s media reaction.

I wonder what young girls and teens are thinking, though, when they see the Katie Sowers ad (first woman NFL assistant coach), or the iconization of “Notorious RBG”, but then see two women who are among the top entrepreneurs in the entertainment business acting like the stars of a bachelor party.

Not to mention that J.Lo brought her daughter into the show.

It’s a free country, and a free market. I’m not asking anyone “to do something about this”.  Please, no hearings.

The greater your success, the more free you are to be yourself. When rock stars play the halftime show, they pretty much just belt, and let the pyrotechnics or effects do the rest.

Bottom line (sorry, I can’t help it): prominent women have spent the last few years pleading for dignity, respect and better treatment from men.

Maybe those women should crack open (it’s just too easy) a Pepsi with J.Lo and Shakira, and have a talk.


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