Jack’s Books: 3 For ’23 Books of The Year

The book blog deals with books of all vintages, but here are three noteworthy books that came out this year.

“The End of The World Is Just The Beginning” by Peter Zeihan: Despite a title that hints at doom, he’s talking about the “end” of the post-WW2 world, with its (relatively) free trade, protected by the armed forces of the United States. He sees many “eras” coming to a end, and he imagines what it will be like to live, raise children, communicate, buy groceries, travel, etc. etc. in the next era. I say “imagine” because Zeihan’s a witty, thought-provoking guy who is generally optimistic. He’s not proclaiming anything here, not prescribing a fix. Change is coming, much more so to most of the world than it is to the US, but you will have a lot to think about and, just maybe, feel better-prepared, after reading this book.

“Straight Shooter” by Stephen A. Smith: the host of ESPN’s “First Take” is one of the very few media folk I follow live and in real-time. Partially for the sports conversation, but also because he’s an entertaining, provocative wordsmith who’s thrives and defies the gravity of his industry. In this surprisingly (or maybe not?) frank memoir, he tells you where he came from, and proves he hasn’t forgotten it either.

“Capturing Skunk Alpha” by Raul Herrera: Born on San Antonio’s West Side, this is another fantastic memoir of a young man’s life, from growing up here to serving on the Swift Boats” in Vietnam. Like Stephen A. Smith, Raul Herrera tells you everything, whether it makes him look good or not, and you will easily envision each scene and moment from his life as if you were there. A great San Antonio book, and a valuable contribution to the “Vietnam War” book shelf, too.

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