Jack’s Financial Advice of The Day

Just don’t throw anything away. That’s it. Trust me on this.

The most random stuff is suddenly worth big bucks! You just never know what it’ll be!

Robb Report says a set of sealed “Rocky” VHS tapes (“Rocky”, “Rocky II” and “Rocky III”), worth about sixty bucks in 1982, just sold at auction for $54K. Yes, you read that right.

Someone else is getting around twenty grand for a sealed VHS cassette of “Raiders of The Lost Ark”.

OK, you obviously had these at one time, but you watched them. So, broken seal. But what if you had bought an extra one when you got yours, and just parked it? I mean, why would you, right? But…if you had, and left it in the plastic…hello brand new Lexus!

The Rocky auction happened in Dallas, and an expert who sounds like you could sell him the Brooklyn Bridge opined that the videotapes are “historical artifacts that…sweep you back in time to a place that all at once feels miles away and yet somehow like home”.

Wow, I’ll have what he’s having.

Seriously, though, VHS?! It was crappy then and worse now. Those suckers degraded with use, could get tangled in the player’s heads, were heat sensitive and bulky—and you had to rewind them.

Have you ever had to rewind Amazon Prime? Or a DVD? Nah, I didn’t think so.

Look, if there are rich people in Dallas paying ransom prices for Rocky tapes, it’s time to re-consider anything else you might be tossing away.

Like, wooden popsicle sticks. Imagine someday, when our grandkids can’t believe they were ever made of real wood. Why, they could sweep you away to a place…uh…you know, the thing.

Or paper calendars.

Phone books.

Filing cabinets.

Wall clocks.

Don’t “de-clutter”. Plan for the auction.


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