SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) —  ‘Jeopardy!’ champion James Holzhauer is not invincible after all.

The 32-time champion’s winning streak came to an end Monday.

The sports gambler from Las Vegas had been racking up winnings at a pace never seen before, nearly doubling the previous standard for single-day earnings on Jeopardy.

He lost to Emma Boettcher, a 27 year old Librarian from Chicago.

His total winnings came up to $2,462,216. That’s $58,484 short of the $2.5 million for regular play won by Ken Jennings.

Holzhauer took the loss well.  He high fived Boettcher, then sent out a Tweet that poked fun at his loss.

“Knew I shouldn’t have invited @Drake to the @Jeopardy taping,”





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