January 6th In Drag

The video was got a Maybellene makeover.

News site Justthenews.com reviewed the J6 video that was so dramatically deployed by the Democrat-run House Select Committee last year,  and found that they doctored video used in their primetime live-televised hearings.

The so-called “sizzle reel” had overdubbed audio onto what had been silently-recorded Capitol Police camera footage. Glass breaking, people screaming and an ominous, blaring “BREACH!” announcement.

In other words, they made a silent movie into a talkie.

No disclosure, no disclaimer.

You knew the committee never intended to “gather facts”, but rather sought to politicize and propagandize ahead of the midterms. After all, they didn’t hire the best legal talent they could find, but they did hire a Hollywood producer.

It goes without saying that what happened at the Capitol was bad enough on its own.

But, when the self-proclaimed guardians of democracy are lying, embellishing and digitally-dramatizing evidence, it only (further) proves that this is all gamesmanship to them.

Their crocodile tears about that day are equally phony—they whip people up with even more ardor that Trump does, and embrace the opportunities in it for themselves.

I can’t wait to see what they have planned for the Zapruder film.


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