TOKYO (AP) — Japan’s 84-year-old former Empress Michiko has left for a three-day trip to the city of Kyoto, with her doctors saying she has a heart problem but is fine as long as her condition is checked regularly.

Palace officials say Michiko accompanied her husband, Akihito, to the ancient capital of Kyoto on Tuesday as part of rituals related to his recent abdication.

The couple is to visit tombs of Akihito’s great-grandfather Emperor Meiji and great-great-grandfather Komei, both in Kyoto.

Akihito abdicated April 30 and now holds the title of emperor emeritus. His elder son, Naruhito, acceded to the Chrysanthemum Throne on May 1.

Palace officials said doctors on Saturday found Michiko has heart valve abnormalities and an irregular pulse after regular health checks last week showed an increase in cardiac hormones.

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