That was a helluva 24 hours for the party of the people.

President Jose Biden went to Puerto Rico, where he revealed he often visits the “northern part of the state (state?!)” to personally assure residents of hurricane aid. Remember when Trump went down there and tossed around paper towels? That was “appallingly insensitive”.

Biden sundowned his way through a meandering talk about, among other things, how he was “raised in the Puerto Rican community” of Delaware.

I wonder if he was a Shark or a Jet.

Someone checked, and as of 1970, when his political career was lifting off like the 1957 Vanguard, there were only about 2100 Puerto Rican people in Delaware. And none of them have any idea what the f*** he was talking about.

He’s also NEVER mentioned it before.

Wasn’t he almost Jewish the other day? His must be a dry-erase board.

I wonder if he took Amtrak back and forth to San Juan?

Wait…there’s more.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a “Gone With The Wind” fugue moment, fantasizing about how illegal immigrants shouldn’t be shipped north, but should instead be diverted to “pick the crops down here”—here being Florida, at the time.

Democrats are so imaginative! Sheriff Javier Salazar sees the illegal immigrants as waiters and busboys. Nancy sees them juggling grapefruit.

Biden’s five minutes away from claiming he entered the country illegally last year.

When he does, remember where you heard it first.


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