Julian Castro and Ron Nirenberg have differing opinions on whether or not Joe Biden should continue his re-election campaign

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Some division in the ranks when it comes to whether or not President Joe Biden should continue his bid for re-election.

Last night on X, former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro posted that he thinks Joe Biden should step down.

“Sadly, President Biden is not the campaigner he was in 2020—and looks very likely to lose to Trump, one of the weakest candidates in presidential history.

I am convinced that a number of other Democrats, including Vice President Harris, stand a better chance of winning.”

Castro went on to say that defeating Donald Trump is too important for Democrats to do nothing.

Castro was a member of the Obama administration when Joe Biden was Vice President. He faced off against Joe Biden when he ran for President in 2020 and gained attention when he questioned Biden’s memory during a debate.

Meanwhile, current San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg feels Biden should stay in the race.

He posted:

“I value wisdom, composure, and honesty in a president. As Mayor, and as a national delegate, I’m proud to stand behind President Biden’s positive vision for America’s future.”

Nirenberg has visited the White House several times during Biden’s time as President and met with him in Brownsville a few months ago.

Biden’s mental acuity has been the topic of discussion since he took part in a debate with former President Trump in Atlanta last week.

Many felt Biden’s performance during the debate was poor and many within the Democrat party, including Texas Congressman Lloyd Doggett, have suggested the President step down.

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