Just A Few Points On The Idiotic United Leggings Story

So United tells a couple of girls who were flying free on a company pass that they (the girls) would need to wear clothing deemed appropriate by airline standards, and the Twitterverse went ape-crap crazy.

“I’m surrounded by idiots,” seems appropriate.

Just a few points:

1- This policy applies only to those traveling on a company pass. In other words, at the expense of the airline. United has a right to tell any passenger on THEIR planes what to wear anytime – especially those passengers the airline is paying the tab for.

Don’t like it? Buy a ticket on another airline.

For the record, the girls involved had no problem with the policy.

2- The brouhaha started by a liberal whacko named Shannon Watts. Watts is the founder of Moms Demand Action, the group that wants to take guns away from law-abiding citizens so that only criminals and terrorists will be armed. She stuck her nose in a private matter between the girls and the airline claiming she was “outraged” that “United is dictating dress codes to women!!!!!@#$”

Hey Mzzzz Watts, shut your Twitter and mind your own business.

3- This might make a few of you mad, and if it does, so be it. The way people dress to fly is appalling, me included. I admit that my flight attire these days often includes stretchy sweat pants and biker t-shirts. My momma, God rest her, used to dress us in church clothes anytime we were taking a plane anywhere. She believed we were supposed to dress to fly.

As in so many things, Americans have gotten lazy (me included) and more often than not, dress like crap when we fly.

It’s high time we start dressing to fly again.¬†Guys, we don’t want to see your toe cheese in your flip-flops or your arm pit hair in your sleeveless shirt. Girls, don’t wear your pj’s in public, and take your bare feet off the back of the seat in front of you.

It’s time we grow up, and start dressing like adults when we fly. We claim to be the best country on the planet. Let’s start dressing like it, and maybe we will once again be treated like it.




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