Kathy Griffin’s Last Head Shot.


I haven’t watched someone’s career crumble so quickly since Michael Richards started shrieking the N-word at the Laugh Factory back in ’06. I mean, Holy Jesus. Trump’s bloody severed head? Not a single red flag went up over that one?

Or maybe they did, but in a soulless attempt to revive a career that has been an awkward stumble at best for a whole lot of years, perhaps Kathy Griffin and her ‘people’ decided to roll the dice that the raw statement of it would somehow survive the outrage. After all, we’re talking about Trump, right? Everyone hates Trump. Don’t they?

Well, no. That’s, um, sort of why he won the election.

Of course, if you’re a Good Little Liberal like Kathy Griffin, shuttling between New York City and Burbank for most of your adult life, the people you hang out with probably do hate Trump. Certainly, they’ll get the joke, and they’re the only people who matter, not like those millions of deplorables and hillbillies and racists who elected this monster. Gee. Maybe this will land me a script or a pilot or something, once the studio guys see how much I hate Trump? And then it’s on like Christmas morning! Except I hate Jesus, too. Maybe I should do a follow-up shot of me holding-up Christ’s bloodied head?

Now, to be fair, I am a fan of edgy, provocative, and, frankly, profane art and comedy. There is a certain level of honesty that can be achieved creatively when you go into the process of it thinking there are no rules and there are no lines that cannot be crossed. Most of my artistic heroes, from Charles Bukowski and William S. Burroughs to Richard Pryor and George Carlin, produced their finest work from observing (and living on) the dark edges of society. However, as Carlin once said, it’s all about context.

Apart from the sheer cruelty and possible illegality of Tyler Shields’ grotesque image of Griffin holding the head, not to mention the stunning callousness on display towards the victims of Islamic terrorism, the so-called work of art has no discernible context, other then…I guess…hating Trump.

And that’s neither funny nor enlightening. It’s just freaking hateful.

And that’s a funny way to fight the “hate” hypocritical pukes like Kathy Griffin claim to be devoting their professional lives to resisting.


You gotta love that bullshit…

Jesus loves you and so do I,

rev s











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