How to Keep Immigrants from Taking Dangerous Rides?

By Don Morgan

It happens far too often. Refugees from Mexico and Central American are dying while trying to gain entry into the United States.

Henry Rodriguez at LULAC says people are dying in trucks, in the desert and in the Rio Grande and there’s not a whole lot anybody can do about it.

“All you can do is pray for them. They’ll take any risk necessary to come here.”

When asked about going through the proper legal channels, Rodriguez chuckled and said the corruption in countries south of the border make it nearly impossible.

“If it were as easy as getting in a line and filing out some paperwork, everybody would do it. I hate to say this but some of the Governments in the countries these people are coming from as just as corrupt as the people taking their money to smuggle them across the border.”

Rodriguez says the only logical solution is also the most difficult. Serious immigration reform. But with the political climate being the way it is, he doesn’t expect either party to make the necessary changes anytime soon.

He tells us the refugees know full well that they’re breaking the law and the risk of getting caught or dying is high but…

“Desperation knows no time limit. You can’t wait out hunger. These people need help. They’re not getting it so they do what they feel is their only option.”



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