NEW YORK (AP) — Jimmy Kimmel said he’d accept an apology from New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers for inappropriate comments associating the comic with Jeffrey Epstein, but doesn’t expect one.

“A decent person would apologize,” Kimmel said Monday during his first appearance on his late-night ABC show since Rodgers’ comments. “But he probably won’t.”

During a weekly appearance on ESPN’s “The Pat McAfee Show” last week, Rodgers suggested that Kimmel’s name might appear on a list of associates of Epstein, a millionaire accused of sex trafficking before he died by suicide.

Kimmel denied any association with Epstein and threatened Rodgers with a lawsuit, saying the NFL star was putting his family in danger.

Rodgers is expected to make another appearance on McAfee’s show Tuesday.

Kimmel laced into Rodgers in his ABC monologue late Monday, calling him “hamster-brained” and said that he got two ‘A’s’ on his report card — “they’re both in the name Aaron.”

“It might be time to revisit that concussion profile, Aaron,” Kimmel said.

With ABC and ESPN both owned by the Walt Disney Corp., the feud has put the parent company in an awkward position, and they’ve mostly remained silent in response.

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