May 9th marks KTSA’s 100th anniversary serving San Antonio — the longest-operating radio station in San Antonio.

This could not have been accomplished without you, San Antonio.


Mark Twain once said there are only four unique cities in America… Boston… San Francisco… New Orleans…

and San Antonio.


Our tale… is one of a kind.

A unique mix of cultures. The heart of what it means to be a Texan.  And a history all its own – unlike any in the world.  


World-renowned infrastructure… with our San Antonio Riverwalk – the parts you see… and the parts you don’t see – the home of major Texas brands… multiple U-S military bases… the rolling hills… and fresh springs… 

A unique culinary culture… the epicenter of Tex-Mex cuisine… where Big Red and barbacoa clash – and where much better tacos are made… and we’ll fight any other city who challenges that.


Our history is unmatched.

San Antonio has existed for 300 years… from its original settlement as a Spanish mission… and soon after… the first town to be established in Texas and the province’s capital.

San Antonio is the only large city in the country to be the main theater of a revolution that was not the American Revolution…. with the Battle of the Alamo for Texas independence… 


But soon after… the city would continue to grow.

A mix of cultures from the city’s earliest days would continue to flourish… as immigration from places like Germany added to the melting pot… creating a one-of-a-kind environment for residents and visitors alike.

People from other parts of the nation came here to San Antonio… to build their futures – and our city’s.

Each adding their own touches – making impacts on what we all enjoy today.


For 100 of those years… KTSA has been here serving our great city.

From the highs of great achievements and success… to the lows of tragedies – locally and nationally.


KTSA has been the soundtrack that has entertained millions of San Antonians… who were born here… stationed here… moved here… left here… and retired here.

KTSA has been the station keeping our region informed – with award-winning news… locally crafted talk… major sporting events… and helping our neighbors with events like the Raul Jimenez Radiothon… and Wrapping with Jack… 


We never shy away from controversy… we never run from topics too scary for others to discuss.

Because we care.  

We do this for you…  and for our city.


Before there was ever a Loop 1604… or even a Loop 410…   KTSA has been here for San Antonio.

Our towers on Eisenhauer were originally in the middle of farms on the edge of town.  Now… our antennas are the farm – through which you drive…

The only way to Austin wasn’t on Interstate 35… not even the Austin Highway we know of today.

And most of the small cities and towns mixed inside San Antonio were nothing more than trees and streams… and dreams


But a lot has changed since then…

Back then… The nation was in an economic boom of the 1920s… and then the subsequent Great Depression.

A World War that forever changed international politics… for not just Europe… but America and its role in it – and San Antonio’s role in supporting it.

The advent of the interstate highway system that is now the backbone of the San Antonio transportation system.

The sprouting of shopping malls… and the hundreds of thousands of homes that now fill the hills of our beautiful city


The exploration of space… the rise of rock music and artists made famous in part by stations like KTSA… bringing you music from Elvis Presley… the Rolling Stones… and The Supremes

The assassination of a president… the Vietnam War… the Gulf oil crisis… the end of the Cold War… September 11th… wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…


We were around before almost anyone HAD radios.  Then… the rise in popularity in AM radio… and then to FM radio… and then streaming your radio on the internet.

KTSA has been there every step of the way… as one of the first broadcasters in the nation on the AM dial… adding our FM signal… and now… having our radio shows anywhere… anytime… 

You can hear us in FM in San Antonio… on AM from Killeen to Corpus [Christi]… and online around the world.


There is no station in the nation like KTSA.  A brand of news and talk built for San Antonio – from right here in San Antonio… in the same location we have been for a century.

Innovation in radio programming – perfecting what is now called Top 40 radio… sprouting a sister FM station… evolving our music playlist… and becoming the news and talk station we are today.


Legendary names have come through our hallways and continue to stop by each day – dating back to rare historic moments… that have happened right in the KTSA studio.

The long list of legendary broadcasters who you have heard on our airwaves – and dozens more who learned their craft from us… and utilize what they learned here in other parts of the country.


Our historic… yet youthful city is a unique one.  One… that requires a unique station to serve it.

For 100 years… KTSA has brought the world to San Antonio… and San Antonio to the world.


We do things our way… because we ARE San Antonio.

We craft what we deliver to you right here… in the middle of what was once farmland… and from your neighborhood – for YOU… whether you are on Loops 410… 1604… or whatever new highways come next.


Thank YOU San Antonio… for bringing KTSA into your homes… your office… and your cars for the past century… and the next.

You are in our name… which we recite on the hour… every hour… and have nearly a million times…


KTSA San Antonio.