KTSA takes part in the “FaceApp Challenge”

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News)– Does it seem that there is a new social media challenge every summer?

The latest involves an app that can’t predict the future but it can give you a glimpse at the appearance of the “future you”.

It’s the FaceApp Challenge and if you want to participate, you upload a picture of yourself, then the app will alter your appearance to make you look older……a lot older.

If you don’t want to do a high tech age advancement, the app can also make you look younger and change your hair style.

We’ve provided some examples with pictures of KTSA hosts Trey Ware and Sean Rima.

Trey Ware


Sean Rima

Elizabeth Ruiz and Don Morgan from the News Department.

Elizabeth Ruiz
Don Morgan


and Producer Chris Glasgow.

Chris Glasgow

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