There may be a ceasefire in Syria but the war on Christmas lives on in state agencies and I have a document to prove it. One Loyal Lars Listener, who asked that his name be left off, sent me a memo just distributed by the Oregon Department of Education…you know, the folks who set the policy for your kids’ schools.

Four hundred words of warnings about Christmas that only mentions the C word once and that’s to advise the courts have decided Christmas trees are religious symbols. Apparently “history” isn’t the education department’s strong suit.

We only started associating Christmas with trees about 200 years ago, not 2-thousand years ago when that Jewish guy whose name may not be mentioned was around. The word inclusive gets six mentions.

No religious decorations for those “holiday trees” in state offices but snowflakes are allowed…since I’m reasonably sure this policy was written by a snowflake somewhere in the education bureaucracy. It tells ed department staffers to say “happy holidays” and not that other thing.

It advises employees they may decorate their desks…but only if they make it clear that their expression of the holiday spirit is personal only…and of course, inclusive, always inclusive. So, to one and all, in the spirit of education bureaucracies everywhere “Happy non denominational holidays” you heathens!

To see this ridiculous list of  holiday hokum, click the link below.

Creating an Inclusive Office Environment- Holidays 2019 (1)

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