Last Tango in Obamaland.

“I want to be quiet a little bit and not hear myself talk so darn much.”

Barack Obama.


After eight divisive, destructive, arrogant, and stupid years of the Obama administration, I am also looking forward to not hearing him talk so darn much. He does way too much of it, and most of it is total bullshit. I honestly believe listening to Obama blather on about himself actively lowers the I.Q., especially after the forty-eight-minute mark. Following his last press conference, I was unable to make left turns for several hours, nor could I successfully pronounce the word “fundamental”. It took nine shots of pineapple vodka and the first three chapters of Eric Hoffer’s “True Believer” in order to regain these simple skills. Indeed. Too much Obama gives you The Stupid.

True to form, on his last full day in office, Obama spent his time carving his name into the leg of the Oval Office desk, downing micro-brews, and commuting the life sentences of every narco and serial killer currently residing within our federal prison system. One staffer remarked that the more he drinks, the more he commutes. “He’s out of control,” the staffer noted, “one more blonde ale, and both Manson and El Chapo are going free…”

That’s fine, whatever. Let him throw his little hissy fit. Tomorrow, the Obama Era comes to an embarrassing end, and most Americans are feeling pretty good about it. Hell, even Walmart is promising jobs. After eight long years of rich Liberal Pukes ranting about privilege and phobias and triggers and freaking climate change, it’s going to be refreshing to once again feel good…about feeling good. The Hope and Change Obama promised turned out to be little more than Nope and Rage, and I, for one, am looking forward to feeling good about being an American again.

That was Trump’s message, no matter your race or gender or bank account: America first. Let’s make her great again. And that’s why he won over a corrupt bivalve like Hillary Clinton, whose only message, if she had a message at all, was more of the same negative and divisive crapola Obama had been serving up since they swore his skinny ass into office. No, it wasn’t the Ruskies or the Alt-Right or James Comey who elected Donald Trump. It was Trump’s message that won the day, and if you can’t see that, it’s only because you are choosing not to.

So I’m feeling pretty good. How ’bout you?

Happy or sad or mad that Obama is leaving office?

Post your comments.

Love and Cheese,

rev s





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