I’m channeling a little Casey Kasem there in the headline.

Now that illegal border-crossers are in lefty playground Martha’s Vineyard, the tune has changed.

A county commissioner, Keith Chatinover, had crowed about wishing MV could “become a haven for new immigrants to this country” and that Ted Cruz “has no idea what he’s talking about regarding a border crisis”.

But give this self-described “progressive” some actual new immigrants, newly arrived from the porous southern border, and he and his fellow virtue-signalers are scrambling for blankets and food and complaining about the rich man’s burden!

State Rep. Dylan Fernandes is already saying the newcomers will need to be moved “off-island”. What, are all of the guest bedrooms and B&B’s full?

They are blowing their big chance to show how different they are from greedy white Republicans. Their excuse?

Not enough advance notice.

Which is funny, given how much media coverage there’s been of the “Greg-hound” buses. If you’re a liberal enclave where people plant forests of “No Human is Illegal” yard signs, you should know your bus is coming in. Or plane.

Why should Texas border towns deal with this, but not Martha’s Vineyard, Chicago, New York and D.C.?

I’ll tell you why.

They’re all talk.

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