Let’s Face It, The Popovich Rants Are Old News Now

I don’t know about you, but I’ve reached “maximum Popovich”.

I was reading this morning that the Spurs coach, who now has 1,127 wins with the team, tying Utah legend Jerry Sloan for most wins with a single franchise, delivered another political lecture before reporters.

He was asked about Black History Month and spoke of “our national sin” and how white people have a “monstrous advantage”. (Which is a little tiny bit funny being said by an NBA coach) Now, there’s no denying that slavery and racism are a blot on our history, and racial prejudice still plagues us.

One thing no commentator like Pop says is that the sin exists, but not every sinner is white, and not every white person is a sinner.

He might want to freshen up his material a little: the guy’s very hung up on that meanie Donald Trump and how he questioned the birth certificate of Pop’s All-Time Favorite President Ever. OK, we get it, you have a mancrush on BO. And you’re not on the Trump train. That’s all fine.

Just so you know, Coach, to the rest of us, these very real issues of race are a little bigger than your hurt feelings about the birth certificate deal. I mean, in politics, sometimes you play like David Robinson, and sometimes you play like Bill Laimbeer, with the elbows in the ribs and fingers in the eyes. Obama dished out plenty of the Laimbeer in his day, and took plenty too.

You’re accusing us of “not wanting to face” our problems, which, with all due respect, is “hogwash”.

Nonetheless, I am glad Gregg Popovich is the Spurs head coach, and long may he reign. He’s one of the best ever at what he does in basketball.

But, when it comes to his bitter political commentaries, I’ve lost interest.

As I was getting up at 4:30 this morning to do chores, pay some bills, and write this, I have to tell you, I wasn’t feeling a “monstrous advantage”.





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