They’re not really saying “Let’s Go, Brandon”. And they don’t just mean “F___ Joe Biden”.

Americans are around each other again, hearing each other’s voices and seeing each other’s faces.

They are discovering—angrily at times, joyfully at others—that everyone around them sees this empty-suit president, the gas prices, grocery inflation, elitist double-standards, CRT, disrespect of parents, Afghanistan, and more.

They are confirming what they suspected: their outlook on these things is not minority or fringe, not racist or paranoid.

No amount of media spin can hide all these things from us, or hide us from each other, anymore.

The panic over “Let’s Go Brandon” isn’t about it being impolite or crude. It’s about fear.

Fear of losing control. Fear of people thinking thoughts and witnessing events, and finding strength in numbers.

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