Like A Dog Catching A Car

Someone likened last night’s House ouster of the Speaker to the old “dog actually catches car” joke.

It works, because, after the McCarthy K.O., it was clear no one knew what to do next, or how this would make things better.

To reiterate from yesterday:

  • McCarthy barely became Speaker in January by cutting deals and making promises, and agreeing to this ticking time-bomb on single-member motion to vacate. You had to know the grenade would go off. He wanted to be speaker so badly that he signed off on his own demise.
  • I agree with almost every criticism of KMac–never cared for him. Liked him even less with his woe-is-me presser last night. So, who comes next, and how will they operate with that pin-less grenade, with Gaetz lurking in front of the cameras, and with the McConnell-led Senate crying out “D.O.A.!” for every fiscally-responsible thing coming from the House?
  • You don’t take a pit bull out of the ring and make him a manager—a guy like Jordan is way more valuable chairing committees and haunting the nightmares of witnesses than he is swearing in new House members or assigning office space.
  • McCarthy was A problem, but he was hardly THE problem. Biden should be impeached. So should Mayorkas and Garland. The FBI needs to be broken up and re-missioned. The whole of federal law enforcement and the intelligence “community” has become an unanswerable government within the government. The House of Reps is the best and most logical place to expose and address these problems until a president with guts and savvy comes along.  Last night did not help with any of these challenges—it remains to be seen if it will detract. I don’t know yet.

Radical progressive policies, runaway interference with our lives, and a fecklessness about the actual threats we face, not personality squabbles, are the dragons to slay here.

I do like disruption, really I do. A part of me thinks it’s cool that there’s never been a successful motion to vacate, although there was a vote in 1910, but that Speaker was not voted out. It’s always good for elected officials to be forcibly reminded that they serve at our pleasure.  One of the major issues many of us have with the modern Congress is that the seniority system rewards dull, obedient automatons and ossifies cadaverous “leaders” and chairs—which clashes with the idea of America as a young, vibrant country.

So, I would just say, most of us aren’t on Team Matt or Team Kevin. But, as Americans, we want the game-playing to end and the real business to happen now.

You have days, Republicans, not weeks or months, to show that you know what to do with the car you caught.

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