If You Like This Doctor, You Can Keep Him. Really.

Doctor David Dao (of United Airlines UA3411 fame) now has two teams of lawyers, one for personal injury, one for corporate governance. So let’s just say, grandpa’s going to want more than that $800 travel voucher.

There’s something here for every grievance group: today alone, we heard about the whole incident being “ageism” (he’s 69), “Flying While Asian”, and, as the Carpenters sang, we’ve only just begun.

United’s idiocy is even being blamed on the “environment Trump has created”.¬† Never had a doubt we’d hear that one.

On the other hand, we’re also learning that Dr. David Dao isn’t exactly Marcus Welby, or even McDreamy. Ninety-eight felony drug convictions, in which he was accused of trading scripts for sex (his version of travel vouchers). Paying another patient for gay sex with checks and Oxycontin.

That guy, Brian, ¬†eventually went undercover, suspecting Dao of trying to hook him on drugs to keep him “interested” in sex. Their trysts were taped by undercover cops, but the doc denied everything.

A peer review revealed he had “difficulties with processing information” and “lacked the foundation to navigate difficult situations”. “He is generally not forthright regarding details of events”. Might be good to keep that one in mind. “A need to control, avoidance…and magical thinking”.

Who does he think he is, a congressman?!

Then there was anger management (which I would get a refund for, doc, I mean really). Why so angry? Well, because from 2005-2015 he lost his license to practice. How in the world was he supposed to get some lovin’ without his…shingle? When Kentucky lifted his license suspension, they only allowed him to see patients one day a week.

He gives “The Doctor Is In” a whole new meaning.

The airline’s getting bloodied for now, and it’s well-deserved, true, but c’mon, this guy?!?

Also, how do his legions of defenders explain when Dr. Nice Guy starts trying to hit law enforcement officers? We all get mad at the airlines, but we don’t fight it out in row 23 like we’re Cagney in “White Heat”.

Coach Lives Matter!

It’s like he’s Tank Man and O’Hare Airport is Tiananmen Square.

WLKY-TV in Louisville got the doc on the phone in his hospital room, to inquire about his condition. “What’s injured?” they asked.

Him: “Everything”.

I’d get a second opinion.







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