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Like The Song Says, KTSA Bosses, Take The Wheel!

KTSA photo/Jack Riccardi

The strangest KTSA schedule change, circa 2005,  involved an on-air stunt where station managers got all the hosts on the air simultaneously.

It felt like the Romanovs at Yekaterinburg.

Then, they spun a “Wheel-of-Fortune” spinner to pretend that’s how they were assigning each host his or her new time slot. Really, the bosses had already picked.

The “wheel” sent me “Into the Night” for my second stint. Good spin.

I mention this history so you will know that the 2019 schedule change is a cakewalk, by comparison. We had no spinning wheels, no suspense, and a lot of nice people all got to keep their jobs. Starting June 17, my dreadful little show will air weekdays 4-7 P.M.

What can I say? I loved where I have been for about a decade (midday) and I love afternoon drive, where I spent the best years of my Boston music radio career (most of the 80s) and four great years in talk radio at WGY in New York’s Capital District, 1991-94.

So afternoons and I are simpatico.

The schedule also means I can get my daughter to school mornings, and not have to drive over here like Helio Castroneves.

Management told me: “you’re not exactly laugh-a-minute, Jack”. Keeps a guy humble. However, by 4 P.M., we will all be ready for a few laughs and a fresh perspective on things. It’ll work, you’ll see.

I promise we will have a good time, and keep the good stuff. Gang of Four, every Friday at 5. The Dish every Friday too. 

The buried lede in the schedule-change story: now has the Ware, Rima and Riccardi shows, every day, on-demand. Not podcasts, entire shows.

Meaning, you can “schedule” your listening habits. Hear, or re-hear, the hosts and shows you want, when you want.

But, don’t spin the wheel, please.



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