SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce led a delegation of business leaders to Austin Tuesday to talk to Texas lawmakers about issues affecting the local community.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for our members to meet face-to-face with the decision makers who are driving the state’s legislative policies for the next two years,” said Chamber President and CEO Richard Perez.

One of their priorities is the ordinance requiring businesses to pay employees sick leave. The San Antonio City Council approved the ordinance last August, but it hasn’t been implemented. A similar policy in Austin is being challenged in court and local officials are closely watching that process.

Perez says the chamber supports bills in Austin that would block local governments from dictating pay and benefits guidelines to private businesses.

“The chamber is opposed to the San Antonio City Council and the mayor imposing on small businesses pay and benefit structures,” Perez told KTSA News.

The local delegation was also planning to urge lawmakers to spend more money on public education and air quality programs.

“We are in non-attainment status. Our air quality is getting worse, so we want to make sure that as the rules are changing at the state and federal levels, that it doesn’t penalize a city like San Antonio that is cleaning its air,” said Perez.

He notes that CPS Energy recently decommissioned one of its coal-powered plants and several businesses are implementing strategies to reduce emissions.

The group boarded buses at the new Stone Oak VIA Park and Ride around 7 Tuesday morning and headed to Austin. The delegation was scheduled to return to San Antonio around 8:45 pm .


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