Local police chief recognized as torch is passed within Alamo Area Police Chief’s Association

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — There is now a new president of the Alamo Area Police Chief’s Association (AAPCA), but the former president is being recognized with an award for his professional and selfless service to the Alamo Area and to the profession of law enforcement across the State of Texas as the torch is passed.

Hollywood Park Police Chief Shad Prichard had served as President of the AAPCA for about a year and a half, and during his entire tenure serving in multiple roles, he played a significant part in the passage of two state laws in the Texas Legislature.

“As you saw this last legislative process, you know many bills, it’s in the thousands of bills that get filed for consideration and only a handful of those come out as law,” said Chief Prichard. “Both of our agenda items were elected as law and I’m really proud of that because it not only effects Bexar County, but that goes across the entire State of Texas.

One of those two laws made mail theft a State Crime, as opposed to an issue for federal postal inspectors to handle. The other law enabled neighboring police departments to extend their geographical boundaries by a short margin for traffic-related enforcement.

Chief Prichard is not leaving his post as President of AAPCA because of retirement, but rather because of built-in term limits.

“It’s much like any association that most people are familiar with, you have different levels on that executive board that kind of run the association as a whole,” said Chief Prichard. “I actually started out as a secretary in the association and I moved up over the last five years.”

From this point forward, Chief Prichard will serve as an advisor to the AAPCA.

In May, Universal City Police Chief Johnny Siemens was named the new President of AAPCA.

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