Looks Like We Have Our 2024 Version of COVID-19

What COVID-19 was to the 2020 election, this will be for 2024. And no, it’s not a virus, per se. Or maybe it is.

What’s undoubtedly going to heat up this summer and fall, from the conventions into the November voting, will be the American intifada.

Before you shake your head with patronizing comparisons between the Hamas-lovers and the Hippies protesting the Vietnam War, let me stop you right there.

The Hippies were protesting a war their generation was fighting, and they didn’t want to. Also, these were young radicals, yes, but young radicals who had not been taught DEI and CRT, who HAD BEEN taught a classical liberal arts education. Who did know civics. Who had grown up in traditional families, and communities, and churches. Even if they thought, for a time, that they hated all those things, they at least had had them.

If they didn’t love the country in the 1960s, at least once they had, and many would again.

On the other hand…

These charming cheerleaders for a Hamas holocaust are nothing like the 1960s. And if you don’t know that, man, you are like, lost.

Their entire upbringing has been boot camp for the mob they now serve. They don’t know what they don’t know, and their elders surrendered to to them while they were still in braces. Bathed in self-esteem, bereft of higher authority and addicted to the feels. Vaguely Marxist, sharply unhappy, and about to be turned loose for the summer with nothing to do but await orders.

We are one—just one—police mistake away from exponentially expanding what you are currently seeing at Columbia University (which, by the way, is where Barack Obama played his “community organizer” rookie season).

The Biden campaign is bleeding black support, so once that bodycam moment arrives, they and their media allies will feature it—large,

Cities will burn, innocents will suffer, and there’s a sickening likelihood of people getting killed.

For sheer historical symmetry, the Democratic convention is in Chicago, in August, just as the summer-of-1968 convention was. At the earlier affair, a law-and-order Democratic mayor called in the troops to bust out some batons. That’s because the Dems of ’68 didn’t want to lose control of things, and knew how it would look for them if they did.

Do you honestly think that’s how the 2024 Democrats view this? The cops aren’t the solution to these Dems.  They’re the problem.

The 2024 virus was man-made, in their lab.

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