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Louisiana city attorney threatens to run over newspaper publisher with a Zamboni

(Texas News Radio) — A Louisiana city attorney is apologizing for saying he is going to run over an area tabloid publisher with a Zamboni.

The city council in Bossier City — just east of Shreveport — was holding its regular meeting Wednesday night and the topic of hiring their new chief administrative officer — their version of a city manager and a topic already controversial in town — was being discussed.

The council was in the process of voting to approve the hiring of their final candidate while also soliciting comment from the public at the meeting.

“Come on up, Mr. Hat,” Bossier City councilman Don Williams said, addressing the publisher of The (Shreveport/Bossier) Inquisitor, John Settle.

Settle took issue with a change the council made to the agenda where the original agenda said it was to appoint an interim chief administrative officer, but instead the appointment was not an interim one.

After addressing the council and leaving the microphone, Settle could be heard addressing city attorney Charles Jacobs, saying he “was a city attorney, not a judge.”  KEEL reports Jacobs was previously a judge.

Councilman David Montgomery — who had his own ongoing spat with Settle — then requested the city marshal remove Settle from the room, but was moot since Settle said he was leaving.

The next speaker — the candidate herself — was getting ready to speak to the council, when an open mic picked up someone on the dais saying, “There’s gonna be a time when I run that son-of-a-bitch over with a Zamboni.”

Local media outlets had reported that it was Montgomery who made the comment.  However, Jacobs released a statement to KEEL Thursday saying it was he who said he was going to strike the newspaper publisher with a Zamboni:

“Yesterday evening, you and multiple other news sources reported that Bossier City Council Member, David Montgomery, made a certain comment concerning John Settle and a zamboni. That reporting was in error. I, Charles Jacobs, made that comment. I sincerely apologize to Mayor Chandler, all members of the Bossier City Council, and most especially, to Ms. Amanda Nottingham, for the distraction.”

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