SHREVEPORT, La. (AP) — A Louisiana man’s death during a police confrontation has sparked debate over the city of Shreveport’s law banning “saggy pants.”

The Shreveport City Council on Tuesday began discussing the possible repeal of a 2007 ordinance outlawing pants worn below the waistline with skin or underwear exposed. The move comes in response to the Feb. 5 death of 31-year-old Anthony Childs. A final vote is expected as early as next month.

News outlets report that police confronted Childs over saggy pants and that at some point Childs pulled out a gun and shot himself in the chest. The coroner’s report noted three nonlethal bullet wounds from an officer who fired from a distance.

Childs’ death prompted renewed criticism of the law, which critics say disproportionately affects young black people.

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