Lt. Governor Blames Democrats for Human Smuggling Tragedy

By Bill O’Neil

Tough talk from Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick–who is slamming Democrats in the wake of the weekend human smuggling tragedy in San Antonio.

“Our policies from the last Administration–and quite frankly the Democrat policies of today of an open border and sanctuary cities allow and enables these drug smugglers who don’t care about human life to put people in this horrific situation” Patrick told Fox News.

Patrick specifically named New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and a number of Democratic mayors in Texas who have joined a lawsuit challenging the State’s recently passed “Sanctuary Cities” law.

“Their policies are killing people. Killing innocent Americans who are at the hands of the criminals who cross–and killing good people who just want to come to America” Patrick said.

The Lieutenant Governor said the tragedy should demonstrate a need for change–sooner rather than later.

“It is time for the Democrats and Republicans (in Congress) pass legal immigration reform–tied in with (President) Trump’s policy of securing the border and ending sanctuary cities–and we will end this horrific horror” Patrick said.



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